Brain Health: Think Fast! Stay Sharp.

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Grace... 2013

Take a look at this picture of two brains. 

meet your brain 

You can see how Mindworks has increased circulation.  These are the portions of the brain that maintain our memories and attention spans.

The older I get, the more time I want to spend with the brain that is lit up with activity.  I want to remember the memories I’ve made from my childhood, my school friends, my parents and my family.

I also want to remember my grandchildren when I am older, attend their activities, and more importantly remember their names!

Which brain would you rather spend time with?

Whether we are awake or asleep, our brain choreographs all bodily function.

Besides maintaining our memories, it also maintains our intelligence, and our personality.

It deserves our protection!

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Grace Anderson

Independent Shaklee Distributor


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